About me

A consultant who takes photo

An amateur writer who paints

A global citizen who speaks 5 languages

A realistic capitalist who dreamed of becoming a musician






Currently, I work as a Strategic Design Consultant in a creative consultancy, where I am seeking a new career challenge in terms of joining a different company, exploring a new industry, and taking on a new function.

Prior to this, I have worked in a venture team within an international company and at a consulting firm.

In addition, I volunteered at an NGO in China, where I provided marketing strategy consulting services to other small NGOs.

My LinkedIn: Theia (Qiuyue) Zhang


I take photos of city, nature, and life in general. I share photos at my Instagram.


As you can see in this blog, I write.

I mostly write about books that I read, observations and reflections of life and work, and any other things that I’m curious about.

Most of the time I write in Chinese. Sometimes I write in English.

I post my articles on:

  • Wechat public account: Theia在路上


I love learning languages. So far I can speak:

native Chinese Madarin, fluent English, conversational Japanese, conversational Spanish, basic Dutch.

I’m still learning all the languages mentioned above (yes, including Chinese), though through different ways.

More languages on the way.

Global citizen

I regard myself as a global citizen, i.e., someone who lives and will live in different countries, open to different cultures, and is willing to make efforts to make the world a better place.

I plan to live in different countries in the future. Possibly through work secondment, digital nomad, or traveling with passive income.


I learned fingerstyle guitar for 4 years. I took lessons and practiced almost everyday. I stopped the lessons because I left Shanghai.

I wanted to learn music writing by myself but failed. I figured I need to take some lessons as a person with limited talent in music.

I like ambient music, Japanese music, and any music that’s with beautiful melody and acoustic instruments.

My plan for now is to keep practicing guitar and find an opportunity to study music in Japan in the future.


I admit that my life is built on capitalism: salary from the corporations, daily life based on consumption goods and labor of others, and financial investment.

In order to become an idealist, I need to be a capitalist now — work, save money, and create passive income.